Why you still need to go to Cuba, right now!

RE: Update to the blog post awhile back on why you need to travel to Cuba right now!

Comrades in Arms:

I’ve received quite a few emails from folks asking what TF is up with Cuba. So, here are the main deets you need to know.

WHAT HAS CHANGED: As of June 2019, You can still travel to Cuba legally; you just can’t take a boat/cruise ship there (but who would want to with all those people and, of course, Norovirus) or your private jet, apparently. You cannot use the group People-to-People general license for your travels.

WHAT HASN’T CHANGED: You STILL can’t go to lay on the beach (that’s tourism- in Cuba, you’re a traveller) and you STILL can’t stay at the large hotels (they are partially or wholly owned by the Cuban government). You can STILL take your commercial flight (that’s Delta, American, Jet Blue, United etc…) to Havana or any of the other destinations in Cuba from the US. You can STILL get a tourist visa. Yep, you STILL need to go and meet the locals, stay in their homes (some of them are 4-5* quality though), eat in their restaurants (we know the best ones) and take their tours.

All in all, you need to go to Cuba to support the Cuban people. We stand behind our earlier blog post about WHY you need to go to Cuba right now! Cubans need your tourism dollars and they will be grateful to you for them. We never know when these regulations will change again, so its best to not delay your plans if you’ve been meaning to go- there are still several general licenses you can travel under.

It should be noted that if you book a flight/make plans to travel to Cuba and another general license becomes restricted you can be grandfathered in under that license as long as you have proof of when the flight was purchased and your travel plans/tours confirmed.

Viva la Cuba!

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