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you love animals of all kinds; big, small, common, not-so-common.  you know what a pangolin is and you WANT to see one! we have been following our love of animals around the world and back many, many times.  big five?  check. magnificent seven?  check.  little five?  check. ugly five? you betcha.  explore all of the wonderful places you can get up close and personal (but not too personal) with some of the world's most magnificent creatures.



From the Southern Carmine Bee-Eaters to the vast plains  of Liuwa to see the wild dog in action and even a trip to Devil's pools- we can customize this 10-16 day itinerary to your heart's content!




Scout out the world's most endangered canid in the Bale Mountains on foot, watch for plentiful birdlife at Lake Awassa, and visit southern OMO valley on this 14 day customized itinerary.





With several wildly different (no pun intended) itineraries to choose from Tanzania has a plethora of activities and itineraries for the animal lover.  From chimp trekking in the Mahale Mountains to the vast serengeti plains, to the blue marine life of Zanzibar + Pemba to lesser known places like Katavi NP, Lake Natron and the Selous Tanzania has what we call 'a full hand'.  



kenya globe and tribe


Long considered the OG of African Safari destinations, kenya literally, we think, has everything!  From the Famed Mara with its annual Migration to the northern Plains, the bird life in Mount Kenya and the Aberdares all the way to Lake Turkana.  In Kenya we have partners actively engaged in conservation efforts in the field who play a large part in our conservation retreats.

Republic of Congo



For the more adventurous of the group, a journey to republic of congo will not disappoint the gorilla trekker.  In addition to the Western Lowland gorilla, visitors can use this 8 or 16 day adventure to see forest elephants, bongo, sitatunga and a whole mess of bird life by foot, by kayak or by night trek.





Malawi, the warm heart of africa, is emerging to become a conservation + wildlife hotspot.  With several parks newly managed by African Parks, the wildlife diversity and protected areas throughout the country are prospering.  The addition and reintroduction of Lions to Liwonde and rehoming of hundreds of elephants to the country's national parks we think positions malawi as the new safari hotspot.  Lake Malawi is also home to a plethora of birdlife and amazing water activities to round out your 10-14 day itinerary.