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Hi, Mambo, Sawubona, Dumelang, Molweni... I'm Jen. 

I first left home and headed to South Africa at the naive age of 22. I had big dreams and wanted to go far (away). I haven't stopped since (going far away)! My work, life and adventuring spirit has kept me on the move for the last 15 years or so to about 45+ countries. 

After almost 15 years of working in development and public health the transition over to conservation, community development + eco-tourism didn't seem that big of a stretch. Many of the places I had worked in over the years became places I now know, love + feel deep connections with. So now, we've set forth on this new adventure with the purpose of joining three passions; travel + conservation + development. We think you CAN have it all- if we all start to travel a bit smarter, with more intention and with more respect for the places we are sharing. Globe + Tribe is working to both protect + share some of the wild places that have brought us so much joy and reprieve and nurtured our exploring spirits over the years.  Through community development and tourism we at Globe + Tribe feel this can be achieved sustainably. Making global stewards out of each and every traveler we meet along the way and sharing our insatiable wanderlust is one of our main goals.

We are so excited to begin sharing these amazing less-trodden places + authentic experiences with you all while encouraging you to step slightly out of your comfort zone.  Our joy lies in making friends + clients lovers of adventure + stewards of the world through these highly curated, traveler approved, + intentional journeys. 

Its a big world out there... let's go see it!

safari njema

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I know a place in Africa...

My soul is at peace in Africa

For her streams bring lifeblood to my veins

And her winds bring healing to my dreams

For when the tale of this land is told

Her destiny and mine are as one...

-Wayne Visser 2017