Want to venture way off the beaten path but not ready to go it alone? Don’t have friends that are particularly intrepid? We feel you + we’ve got you.

Read about our new offering, Discovery Journeys, and see if they are the right fit for you.

What are Discovery Journeys?

Discovery Journeys are our new offering to those more intrepid travelers in the room who would like to go someplace a bit more ‘off-the-beaten-path’ than most tour groups go, but don’t necessarily want to go it alone or without a few creature comforts.

We call them ‘Discovery Journeys’ because they are new small group journeys for Globe + Tribe. We may have traveled this journey before or it is relatively new to us; but we are doing an extra small journey before offering it more widely to the general public. While we have done as much as possible to iron out all of the details, they may not all be crisp and clean. Our intrepid clients who join us on these journeys will not be guinea pigs, they will be joining on a test-run. We will explore as much as possible whilst rolling with the proverbial punches to try to come back with a better understanding of what works, what doesn’t work and what are the best things to include.

Why would I want to join a half-cooked tour?

Significant research and prior travel to the region/location will be done in advance as Globe + Tribe prides ourselves on being able to offer first-hand information and personal expertise and recommendations of a certain locale or experience, therefore we need to try it; get our hands dirty and we need your help!

We may find that we love our adventures and everything that comes with it, but it may not be something we offer to the public in the future, or there’s not so much appeal to continue it on an annual basis. All of this feedback from real travelers and how difficult or easy logistics are in the region are all things that play into whether G+T offers a particular tour in the future. You will be directly contributing to this knowledge.

What’s in it for me?

First of all, you will be joining a very exclusive, curated and intrepid group of travelers who are all vetted based upon prior travel experience, humor and ability to roll-with-the-punches. We unfortunately will not be able to accept everyone on these trips, but will carefully choose a group based upon the aforementioned qualities. So, you will get to go someplace many have not yet ventured with a great group of other intrepid folks.

Secondly, but maybe firstly, your trip will be entirely planned and curated in advance. Some of our activities and lodging might be 5* (we will do everything possible to ensure this ahead of time, but you don’t know until you try it!), but some might be duds. Your acceptance onto the trip will be with the expressed advanced understanding of this.

Thirdly, due to the fact that we are ‘discovering’ a new place or experience for the first, or second, time these trips will be priced at a reduced rate. There will be highs, there may be lows, and there might be bugs and mud. You will be expected to contribute feedback during and after the trip in the form of reviews of properties and accommodations, blog posts and/or journal entries. There will be a little bit of work, and lots of adventure. You will be forever known as one of our original Pioneers.

How do I sign up?

We are consistently adding to our list of Discovery Journeys and some will be reserved for a small list of interested + intrepid individuals via our Explorer’s Newsletter. To join any one particular journey we will have a list of requirements and a vetting process; this is to ensure both that it’s the right trip for you and that you are a good fit for this particular group or destination.

If you are interested generally in becoming a G+T Pioneer you can send us an email here (Note this is different from the general newsletter)