our ethos

GLOBE + TRIBE began crafting highly bespoke, highly curated and 'intentional' travel journeys over 15 years ago.  Our main mission is to create fellow lovers of travel + adventure, and create stewards of the world and its wild places.  We do this through a job we love; travel + conservation.  We believe through travel and 'purposeful tourism' we can realize community development, sustainable development and conservation within the regions we work.  At GLOBE + TRIBE we specialize in 'emerging' and 'frontier' destinations around the globe. These are the places we have visited + loved and that have provided us some of the most beautiful, adventurous + profound experiences of our lives.  

We pride ourselves in creating nourishing 'real travel' for 'real people' - authenticity is at the very heart of what drives every single day.  You won't find us crafting the perfect instagram picture, we are too busy getting our hands dirty , climbing mountains, discovering new places and people + exploring in the bush.  Unlike many other companies who will sell you, say, a packaged African safari with a hefty price tag, we will only recommend those places that we have ourselves been and we feel is the perfect fit for you, your family, or your group through a rigorous discovery process with our clients.  If we feel that a different location, experience or service would be a better fit, we will say so; even if this means we lose a little bit of money in the process.  

In addition to our guiding principles, sustainability + development with our partners and communities is our highest priority.  

A few of our promises to our clients, our partners + ourselves:

  • We seek out and work only with partners who share our vision of sustainability, ethics + conservation

  • We forge relationships through programming + funding with local conservation + community development programs + initiatives in each of our locales

  • We support the local economy whenever possible through our partners + authentic experiences

  • We have visited or vetted all of our partners. We will only recommend those that meet our ethical + sustainability standards

  • We give back 5% of our profits every year to our conservation partners to directly fund conservation programs on the ground

  • Our small-group journeys give back an additional 10% of our profits to the local community through partners + initiatives

We hope you join us on this journey and encourage us to do better always.