Do you book flights?

We are technically a non-ticketing agency, though we have the capability to book flights for you. We often suggest you should book your own flights, however, so that if there is any problem/delay/cancellation you (the client) can directly work with the airline to change/amend or update your flight. We are happy to assist you in finding the best flight for your itinerary, however, if you are booking a travel itinerary through us.

Are you an agency or tour operator?

This is a great question that we get often. We actually are both! We operate adventure and small group journeys ourselves and with local DMCs in country (Destination Management Companies). We also are a travel agency for creating individual, group or family itineraries around the globe.

What is your specialization?

Our specialization is on ‘frontier destinations’ around the globe, however, this is roughly 40% of the itineraries and journeys that we design and operate. We work with regional specialists for different areas around the globe so that we can cover a wide swath and provide you with truly up-to-date information, logistical planning and recommendations for pretty much anywhere. If you think it’s going to be difficult to get where you want to go, we may just be the team for you. With a background of 15+ years managing sometimes logistically challenging projects, we have a knack for getting you into the world’s most remote corners.

Our main specializations include nature + adventure travel in Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East. We will be adding new and unique destinations in South America and South East Asia within the coming year.

We roam around the globe several times a year and usually find a few places outside of these regions that just really stick with us. We usually add those on for our small group journeys.