From the Road



the problem with bucket lists is they they almost inevitably turn into more bucket lists.  if you're doing it right you just keep chasing the proverbial dragon...  such was the case with one of our last 'adventure' trips which was what turned out by-chance to be a research trip for our botswana conservation-focused retreat.  wow, and was it ever an adventure!  so, as i went to cross off the last 'bucket item' sitting by a beautiful and necessary fire with a nice glass (i mean it was probably more of a just 'drinking out of the bottle', if i'm being honest) of wine contemplating having finally finished my list for this beautiful place i was reminded of a place that a friend of a friend of mine had mentioned last week... well, i can't NOT go there, i mean i'm already here? its just across the way? 

put it on the list..


as the night progressed and the wine ran down and other bottles were opened my 'list' got longer and longer and ironically our ideas got better and better!  i thought, wow, if only i could share this with other people!  my friends! my family!  all the people who shamelessly solicit travel advice from me!  i had an idea for my bucket list, put all these amazing things together for other people to experience too- but the real real experience, not the upsell you on a 14 day $30K and you never meet a real person experience. so i put it that on my bucket list as well and went to sleep.

kubu sunrise.jpeg

i awoke in the morning to this (above), my formerly last bucket-list item for beautiful botswana.  how on earth could i possibly be finished? luckily i soon remembered that my list had grown the night before! so with a sigh of relief i sat and watched the sunrise over majestic Kubu Island on rock high above the salt pans in front of this baobab tree.  

as we packed up camp, my mind went racing to all the obstacles in my way to getting this bucket list a reality!  what about money? what about working?  what about ____? so I got out a new notebook and the 'f*ck it' list was born.

what's on your bucket list?

jen globe and tribe