Whether you choose to venture solo or with a group, our exceptional and unique trip design services will get you there.

What makes us unique?

The GLOBE + TRIBE team has over 28+ years working throughout Africa and the world.  We have worked in the field and collaboratively with local communities, national entities and international consortiums.  We are trained in sustainable development + conservation so we know a little about how to get stuff done, how best to make an impact, and where to put resources for the best outcomes.  We don't just care about travel and selling you the most expensive package- we are here to make an impact and we are here for the long-run. 

We follow an upmarket style of travel consultancy; part old-school and part new-school. Therefore, our clients receive truly up-to-date expert guidance on everything from calendar planning to logistics to fashionable lodging and dining recommendations - but back it up with an enthusiastic spirit of exploration honed during decades of travel and working in the field- Hands on. As a result, our more intrepid clients receive guidance + expert planning on novel and frontier destinations allowing them to differentiate their leisure time and travel with an informed awareness, purpose and impact and journey to places most others do not.

Virunga National Park meeting with Ranger Team

Virunga National Park meeting with Ranger Team

How we can help

We offer three different levels of travel design services in addition to our small group journeys to meet different travel styles; we know many of you like the thrill of researching and designing your own trips, but we are here to cut through the instagram influencers, promoted listings and give you the real-DL on what is worth the splurge and what’s not...

When you reach out to us for travel design or planning advice, we will discuss several options for working with us;

  • A basic package including bookings for Accommodations only (with restaurant + activity recommendations only)

  • A mid-level package with Accommodations + All transfers (including dining + activity recommendations only)

  • A full concierge service including bookings, transfers, reservations and activities from the moment you touch down in country until the time you leave (includes 24-hour concierge answering service for questions/queries and travel adjustments)

Once we have identified how we will be working together we will start a rigorous discovery process which includes travel questionnaires, SKYPE calls, and preliminary itinerary options with budget/costing.

We will then finalize all of your bookings, take a deposit to confirm and work on getting you all the info you need prior to your departure.

  • Three months out: We will send you all the necessary visa, inoculation and practical information for planning.

  • Two months out: We will send you a few good books + podcasts to learn about your destination

  • One month out: We will send you your pre-departure Travel essentials ‘swag bag’ including our favorite sustainable travel items and other essentials.

  • One week before: We will have another call to go over all the itinerary items in detail so that you feel fully 110% prepared and excited.

Why choose Globe + Tribe?

At GLOBE + TRIBE our emphasis is on exceptional travel design to uncommon or 'frontier' destinations or just uncommon adventures in ordinary places. We pride ourselves on matching the interests of our clients with some of the most stunning locations and off-the-beaten path journeys, with a keen focus on our brand of 'purposeful tourism' for development + conservation. Our focus is on finding something different, something unique and something away from the ordinary. If your travel goal is to tick off all of the highlights on a bus then we are not the agency best suited to assist you. Our clients come to us when they have done all the other stuff and now want to go deeper OR when they just don’t want to do the other stuff and want to go deeper from the get-go.

Minor set-back in the Makgadikgadi Pans, Botswana

Minor set-back in the Makgadikgadi Pans, Botswana

Can’t I do this on my own?

Maybe- but depends on the place! For many journeys you can use trip advisor, a cousin’s recommendation or just numerous blogs posted by various influencers. And maybe you love sinking weeks into the endless decision trees that come with planning such as:

  1. How do I arrange overland transport?

  2. Is this hotel/lodge really worth the price-tag?

  3. Who has the most expert-level guiding?

  4. How long should we stay here?

  5. Will we be rushing about too much?

  6. Is this area safe to explore alone?

  7. What are the Park fees? Conservation fees? Conservancy fees? Camping fees? Do I have to pay for all four?

  8. What is the best routing to take?

  9. What is the safest regional airline?

  10. What if the lodge doesn't have Campari?

And then we would ask you, how valuable is your time?

Ready for a sail, Belize.

Ready for a sail, Belize.



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