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it all started with a bold idea...

The idea was that if done purposefully and sustainably, tourism could be a new model for development, poverty reduction + conservation.  With 16 years of experience in livelihoods + sustainable development we set off to marry three of our passions: travel + conservation + development.

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While the number of households living under the poverty line has dramatically decreased over the last 50 years, most of the 'poor' or 'extreme poor' households still reside in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Here, and throughout most of the world, women and youth are the most unemployed or underemployed.  

The tourism sector has an immense opportunity to employ unskilled labor, often women and youth, in various capacities.  By promoting 'purposeful tourism' we often encourage travel to more remote or lesser-developed locales. Often, in these areas, locals rely heavily on ‘Nature’ for their livelihood needs; historically these have been extractive and most often environmentally unsustainable. In many of these places, new tourism models ensure that your tourism dollars go further, stay in the communities and create greater impact than say, another trip to Paris.

For every one job directly created in tourism, between 2-5 jobs are created indirectly within the local economy to support the Tourism infrastructure such as construction, tailoring, transportation, resource management. and other small businesses that are created to support these jobs such as restaurants or repair shops.

We don't just support 'off the beaten path' tourism, though... We support and partner with organizations that share our ethos of sustainability, conservation, ethical + decent work and the promotion of women and youth all over the globe, and even in our backyard.  

We believe tourism + sustainability = growth and development for all.

Join us on this journey as we encourage you to travel the globe + find your tribe.


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