Founded by an intrepid female traveler…

Who got caught in the web of ineffective Humanitarian Aid Work…

She decided there must be a better and more effective way to create sustainable jobs, save wild places, and create better stewards of the world’s most vulnerable places.

GLOBE + TRIBE was born as a way to connect intrepid, well-meaning and well-travelled explorers together and send them off into less-travelled places around the world to make an impact through travel. Through travel + tourism we are working towards a sustainable, ethical, equitable and prosperous world for all species.

The Tribe

Who we are, where we came from and how we like to explore…

Jen Curran

Founder // Creative Director // Frontier Travel Expert

Rebecca Axcell Globe + Tribe

Rebecca Axcell

South African Specialist // Travel Designer

Our Expertise


At GLOBE + TRIBE our emphasis is on exceptional travel design to uncommon or 'frontier' destinations or just uncommon adventures in ordinary places. We pride ourselves on matching the interests of our clients with some of the most stunning locations and off-the-beaten path journeys, with a keen focus on our brand of 'purposeful tourism' for development + conservation. Our focus is on finding something different, something unique and something away from the ordinary. If your travel goal is to tick off all of the highlights on a bus then we are not the agency best suited to assist you. Our clients come to us when they have done all the other stuff and now want to go deeper.

We follow an upmarket style of travel consultancy; part old-school and part new-school. Therefore, our clients receive truly up-to-date expert guidance on everything from calendar planning to logistics to fashionable lodging and dining recommendations - but back it up with an enthusiastic spirit of exploration honed during decades of travel and working in the field- Hands on. As a result, our more intrepid clients receive guidance + expert planning on novel and frontier destinations allowing them to differentiate their leisure time and travel with an informed awareness, purpose and impact and journey to places most others do not.


The GLOBE + TRIBE team has over 28+ years working throughout Africa and the world.  We have worked in the field and collaboratively with local communities, national entities and international consortiums.  We are trained in sustainable development + conservation so we know a little about how to get stuff done, how best to make an impact, and where to put resources for the best outcomes.  We don't just care about travel and selling you the most expensive package- we are here to make an impact and we are here for the long-run. 

With a broad + diverse background in international work we feel we are more highly prepared for curating your ‘adventure’ than the average travel agency. We haven’t just popped over once or twice and stayed at all the 5* properties; we have lived, breathed, worked in and had to ‘get sh*t done’ in different cultures and environments throughout the globe- which is quite a different set of skills all-together. We intimately understand difficult logistics and how to maneuver around in many different situations.

Our Destinations