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Meet some of the people that curate, help execute and fret over your life-changing adventures…


Jen: Creative Director, Explorer + Frontier Travel Specialist

Jen started Globe + Tribe after 15 years of working, sometimes living and always exploring in the wilds of Africa. With a graduate degree in international development she has worked in over 35 countries around the world; 20 just in Africa. Growing up in Wisconsin her closeness to nature fueled her love of exploring and discovering the most wild of the wild places. She is fluent in Swahili, speaks some Xhosa, Zulu and Sesotho/Setswana (but don’t ask her about her french…) She loves nothing more than to pick a spot on a map no one has heard of, meticulously plan her trip and then go there, often solo, if necessary. Blending Conservation + Development + Tourism is her new obsession- and if you let her talk about it she may quickly turn you into an evangelist just like her.

Where she’s been in 2018: Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, Colombia, London, Cuba, back to Kenya, back to Tanzania, back to Cuba, Spain, Portugal, then back to Colombia.

Where she’s going in 2019: Corsica, Poland, Ethiopia, Borneo, Mongolia, Chad, Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe, Russia + Uzbekistan

Her favorite off-the-beaten-path journey so far?:

Most memorable: remote campsite #12 in CKGR, Botswana on a self-drive camping adventure.

Most idyllic: Mahale Mountains Tanzania.

Most adventurous: Self-drive through the Salma Plateau in Oman

Rebecca: Travel designer, South African Expert and All-Around Adventurous spirit

Rebecca: Travel designer, South African Expert and All-Around Adventurous spirit

We met and instantly loved Rebecca in the northern wilds of Kenya- with a similar adventuring spirit and equally itchy feet; in her we found a kindred spirit. Rebecca has been traveling, living and exploring about Africa since 2006- she ended up in the Kgalagadi Trans-Frontier Park (one of our favorite places on earth) working and what she describes as ‘living in a container in the middle of the desert’… From there she has moonlighted as a lodge manager, travel writer (for one of the most prestigious guidebooks on Southern Africa), a chef, and a wildlife research assistant. She now works as a travel designer and is an expert, specifically, on South Africa (no surprise)… She has the same ethos as Globe + Tribe in that travel isn’t just about ‘ticking off places on a map’ but that it is about the rich experiences we get from traveling about and ‘finding our tribe’

Where she’s been in 2018: Sri Lanka, Portugal, Kenya and South Africa

Where she’s going in 2019: Zambia, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Borneo + Philippines

Her favorite off-the-beaten-path journey so far?