We believe that doing anything worthwhile should have more than one bottom-line.

As a boutique travel design agency we aim to curate unique and transformational journeys for our clients, but underneath it all we have a deeper purpose.

Read more about why we created GLOBE + TRIBE and our broader purpose and contribution to the world + its wild places.

Purposeful Journeys

The idea was that if done purposefully and sustainably, tourism could be a new model for development, poverty reduction + conservation.  With 16 years of experience in livelihoods + sustainable development we set off to marry three of our passions: travel + conservation + development.

The tourism sector has an immense opportunity to employ unskilled labor, often women and youth, in various capacities.  By promoting 'purposeful tourism' we often encourage travel to more remote or lesser-developed locales. Often, in these areas, locals rely heavily on ‘Nature’ for their livelihood needs; historically these have been extractive and most often environmentally unsustainable.

By promoting and actively working towards building up eco-tourism initiatives through our non-profit, Bahati Fund, we can help to create and sustain SUSTAINABLE jobs that help conserve and protect wild areas and endangered species while providing a source of good, ethical and prosperous work. By promoting nature, we believe we can have a world where all species can prosper.

Making Tourism Dollars Count

About 70 cents per dollar (USD) of every itinerary we create stays in the local community; creating and sustaining jobs through tourism. We believe that through encouraging travel to more off-the-beaten-path locales and in working through our vetted sustainable and ethical partners we can create sustainable jobs, invest in conservation and wildlife protection and protect the world around us. GLOBE + TRIBE’s unique background in conservation and international development has provided us with the perfect set of skills to make your travel more impactful.

Bahati Fund

Bornean Orangutan Globe + Tribe

At Globe + Tribe we like to put our money where our mouth is; and here is how we do that. Each year we donate 5% in the form of grants, funding for conservation projects, and job creation initiatives through our non-profit and 1% for the Planet.


1% for the Planet

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Giving back locally + internationally is important to us. The wilds of our youth helped to instill a sense of wonder and exploration in us that led us to where we are now. We are excited to be a part of 1% for the Planet and to be surrounded by such a giving community. By giving back through 1% for the Planet we hope to support and preserve those very same places that have nurtured our exploring spirit.